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Our patient education section is designed to enable you to learn more about dentistry and oral health related topics. The more we educate each patient, the more informed everyone is about their dental health. If there is a topic you want to learn more about that you don't find on our website, please let us know. You will find information ranging from what causes bad breath to how to read x-rays to oral cancer. Please either click the blue arrow pointing to the right at the bottom of the page or click any of the links below to go directly to that page.

Acid Experiment
ANUG Trench Mouth
Bad Breath
Bruxism Tooth Grinding
Chemo and Your Mouth
Conditions of the Tongue
Dental X Rays
Denture Care
Dry Mouth
Fluoride Experiment
How to Brush
How to Floss
Oncology Guide
Smokeless Tobacco
Tooth Anatomy
Tooth Sensitivity
Toothpaste Ingredients

Patient Education