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From regular check-ups and cleanings to, Veneers, implants and full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Smith can take care of you and your family. Children, adults, college students, and senior citizens are all welcome in Dr. Smith's office. Tooth whitening, Straumann, Nobel BioCare, and Astra Tech Dental implants, and Dexis digital x-rays are available. If you are looking for custom mouth guards for clenching and grinding, sports guards to protect teeth and increase performance, have migraines, you snore or have sleep apnea then Dr. Smith can help you. A program is available for maintenance of gums and teeth for overall health and quality of life. Finally, if you are just plain uncomfortable with your smile, Dr. Smith's expertise can help you understand and choose the best course of action for bringing back the bright, youthful smile you dream of to improve your confidence.


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